Operation Birthday Bash.

We do not know about you, but birthdays might be one of our favorite days to celebrate. What can be more exciting than the day someone was born?! This past February our leader Mary had the chance to celebrate her birthday with all her peeps on a Saturday morning. Watching the joy it brought to the people gave our Cheif Operations Officer Gabriela an idea- lets celebrate EVERYONE'S birthday! This was the beginning of OBB. 

Each person will receive their own personal Pancake Peeps swag and be officially apart of the Pancake Peeps crew!

Mary bday pic.JPG

2.8.18 Mary 


birthday 3.31.18.JPG


James Birtday .JPG

3.7.18 James 


birthday 3.31.18 jacket.JPG


birthday 1.5.jpg
Sharon bday.JPG

3.14.18 Sharon 


birthday 1.1.jpg



8.1.18 GabRIELA

8.16.18 cory

Want to get someone something extra special? Email us and let us know if you would like to sponsor a birthday! We can send you our upcoming Birthdays and you can pick a friend to sponsor!