Our History


it has been said the past is what so beautifully shapes our present...

It is hard to tell what one moment or one decision will lead to in the grand scheme of life. So many years ago a group of people set out to do what Jesus asked us to do and loved all His children through Pancakes and Community. 

Fast forward a few years later and a group of us had the chance to come alongside them and learn how to love more like Jesus, with no strings attached. 

There are so many things we learned through that time and continue to carry with us. Who know where we would be if we chose to sleep in that Saturday morning. 

The beautiful thing is, God never allows our choices to be the end all be all of His mission. We are now working together with the Alpha Project to bring Pancakes and Community to 350 amazing children of God. We are grateful to those who answered the call and showed us the ropes, and we are eagerly expectant of the new journey God has called us to down a familiar road.