Since our first Saturday our vision has been the same; to make the love of Jesus evident in the lives of those living on the streets of Downtown San Diego.


Our Mission

Our mission is based on four foundational pillars that really embody who we are. 

  • Agape Love
  • Safe Space 
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Life Transformation 

1- Agape Love

-Our main goal has never been to solve homelessness. Our main goal has always been to spread the love of Christ to everyone we meet. We tell our volunteers that if someone can stand in our line, get our pancakes, and leave without having been loved on at least a bit- then we have failed them. We believe love can be acted out through an in depth conversation, making someone's pancakes just right, or offering up some prayer. It does not have to be long but we know those interactions will be impactful.

2- Safe Space

-Every week we go out on the streets for an allotted time of 5 hours and try our best to create an atmosphere of safety and love. We understand that it is impossible for us to enter a space that is not ours and expect to create the safest environment every time, but we go out we try our best to give that safety. Safety to us is being able to provide an environment where people feel free to be themselves, stay and talk or eat, and know that nothing bad will happen to them.

3- Bridging the Gap

-We believe that there are privileges that we are people who volunteer at pancakes possess. We understand that our ability to go to school, drive to work, buy food or drinks whenever we want puts us at a place of privilege that many people in the world do not have. Whether by working hard or by way of social choice, we have opportunities that not many people have and for that we believe we have the opportunity to bridge the gap and open our eyes to the truths behind privilege.  

4-Life Transformation

-Although it is not our main goal, the effect of these three pillars many times is life transformation. We have had countless people who have been a part of our homeless demographic move out of homelessness and back into homes. We have helped 3 families get back on their feet helped, many children achieve grade level in their academics, and have done our part to help everyone we can each week. Whether we are helping someone get housing, get a bus ticket, or giving out prayer we believe we can do our part in helping others long term. For us, the first step in life transformation is high sense of self, and we believe showering people in love can help get someone to that place of high self esteem.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”
— John 13:35