This past weekend was so beautiful. As some of you may know, we have been trying to be very intentional about partnering with different programs in San Diego. It is in our four pillars to be a bridge of people and we believe that can mean so many things. In one way, we want to be a bridge between those with privilege and those who are under privileged. Another way we want to bridge gaps is by bringing resources and programs out to our friends. 

It is hard to spend any period of time downtown without realizing the vast needs there are. The good news is we do not have to reinvent the wheel. San Diego is full of wonderful people who are doing wonderful things. As we see the needs of our friends in line, we can talk to different groups who work to fulfill those needs and hopefully bring them out to Pancakes. 

This brings us to last Saturday. As most of you may know, there has been a huge Hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego, specifically amongst the homeless community. This disease attacks the liver and can cause months of sickness and discomfort for whoever catches it. Because Hep A is extremely contagious it has been hard to stop and dangerous for all who are not careful. This past weekend Will invited the County Health office of San Diego to come out and give Hepatitis A vaccines. We felt so humbled when we saw all of our friends eating their pancakes and then moving down the line and getting their shots. 

Will and I were both called out by some of our friends when they asked if we ourselves had gotten our vaccines as well. This was a great reminder to us that change and good habits many times starts at leadership. SO (you guessed it) we both willingly (or not so willingly) walked ourselves over to the table and got our own shots as well. (Video proof was uploaded to our Instagram story, still shots posted here). 


Gals and Guys... Life is Beautiful... People are Amazing.... and Pancakes are Yummy.


Love you all!