Hi Friends!


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I want to start this by apologizing for my lack of updates lately. With the holiday season, the start of  a year, and the roll out of a new location it has been a hectic few weeks. My goal was to come up with this great final post of the year with all the things I learned in 2017, but its now a month into 2018 and, lets be honest, it's a little too late for that. If I can get my stuff together, I might be coming out with a few new posts that will be exciting reads!


Okay, now to the good stuff. As you may know, my location is now meeting in Barrio Logan on the corner or 16th and Newton. I feel overwhelmed with the desire to somehow share all the emotions (or more specifically) all the love I have and have received at this new place.

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When you're in the middle of a moment, it is hard to see the impact that moment will one day have on your life. With the consistency of going to Newton Street each week I sometimes underestimate the power that love is displaying here. This week I had the opportunity to sit and listen to some stories of people who have been positively affected by the Alpha Project people and by our groups each week. They humbly thanked us for the opportunity we have given them to have a voice, even if it is for a few hours. We had the opportunity to listen to people share their hearts for their community. How people left their homes to intentionally become homeless in hopes of being a light in a dark place.


It is easy to walk away each Saturday and feel like the things we do are the end all be all of homeless ministry, but that is just not the case. We are simply doing our part in the greater work God is doing in the city of San Diego. Do not get me wrong, our work is important. It sets the stage for others to come in and create lasting healing and transformation. And in fact, it is our vision to be able to one day help create that lasting healing and transformation as well. By nature I am visionary. It is hard for me to be content with the work (not matter how great) I am doing, because I want to be doing more. Because of this I have been asking God to allow me to see this work the way He sees it. After today's pancake peeps, I left this week so thankful to the Lord that He allows us to join Him in His work. I left this week so thankful to the Lord that He has opened doors for us to bring more friends (old and new) to work alongside us. I left this week so thankful to the Lord. 

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I know I have been a little quiet lately. But let me tell you one thing: God has not been quiet. He has been roaring and He has been working. I cannot wait to share with you what He is up to.

Sawubona my friends,

Mary Grabowski